TIDREC’s staff is well trained in biosafety and biosecurity. They are capable to work in high-containment facility and are fully competent to handle work involving infectious agents. TIDREC also has members who are GCP trained as well as certified phlebotomists.


Research Officer (Q44)

Mohd Iskandar Jefree JOHARI

Research Officer (Q48)

Shih-Keng LOONG

Research Officer (Q43)

Chee-Sieng KHOR

Research Officer (Q43)

Yze Shiuan YEONG

Research Officer (Q41)

Siti Sarah NOR'E

Science Officer (C44)

Rubiyatul Adawiyah MUBARAK

Administrative Officer (N41)

Che Norainon YAACOB

Assistant Science Officer (C29)

Nur Hidayana MAHFODZ

 Medical Laboratory Technologist (U29)

Mulya Mustika Sari ZULKIFLI

Medical Laboratory Technologist (U29)

Mohamad Nizar MOHAMAD

Operation Assistant (N11)

Noor Syahida AZIZAN

 Research Assistant

Nurul Asma Anati CHE MAT SERI

 Research Assistant