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National Dengue and Vector Borne Diseases Conference 2019

With the support of the Ministry of Health Malaysia, the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (TIDREC), WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) for Arbovirus Reference & Research, Malaysian Society of Infectious Diseases & Chemotherapy (MSIDC), The College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine  and the Malaysian Public Health Physicians Association organized a conference aiming to provide a platform to address various pertinent issues on the challenges, diagnosis, treatment and best practices in managing dengue and vector-borne diseases.

The organizers have jointly put together a comprehensive programme which features update on clinical, laboratory diagnosis and public health approach covering the topics below by the experts from Malaysia and Asia.

National Dengue and Vector Borne Diseases Conference 2019 Presentation Slide

Plenary 1

Dr Saiful Safuan

Recognising severe dengue : Predicting the mortality risk in adults

Plenary 2

Dr Masliza Zaid

Hemophagocytic Syndrome in Severe Dengue : Recent Advance In Management

Plenary 3

Dr Rose Nani Mudin

Vector Borne Diseases : A Global Health Threat In Western Pacific Region

Plenary 4

Dr Joel Gan Weng Yew

Outcomes of Ventilated Patients In Severe Dengue

Plenary 5

Dr Nik Khairulddin Nik Yusoff

Severe Dengue in Paediatrics : Are there predictors?

Plenary 6

Prof. Terapong Tantawichien

Dengue Infection in Elderly: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

Plenary 7

Dr Giri Shan Rajahram

Updates on Malaria : Drug Resistance

Plenary 9

Dr.Timothy William

Approach to Severe Malaria: Best Practice

Morning Tea Symposium

Prof Shamala Devi Sekaran

Current challenges and options in Dengue diagnostics

Symposium 1

  1. Dr Ho Bee Kiau

  2. Dr Anusha Shunmugarajoo

  3. Dr Fong Siew Moy

  1. Triaging & Management of Severe Dengue at Primary Care

  2. Severe Dengue and Hepatitis

  3. Severe Dengue and Encephalitis

Symposium 2

  1. Dr Low Lee Lee

  2. Dr Wan Nasrudin

  1. The Primary And Secondary Dengue And Its Clinical Significance

  2. . Interpreting Serum Lactate In Severe

Symposium 3

  1. Professor Lucy Lum

  2. Dato Dr Mahiran Mustafa

  3. Dr Shanti Ratnam

  4. Dr Chow Ting Soon

1.Fluid Therapy Option In Severe Dengue: Current View (Pediatrics Perspective)

2.Fluid Therapy In Adult With Dengue Infection

3. Management Of Shock- Non Fluid Responsiveness

4. Understand The Need Of Blood Transfusion In Dengue

Symposium 4

  1. Dr G Muniswaran

  2. Dr Leong Chee Loon

  3. Professor Shamala Devi

  4. Dr Anilawati Mat Jelani

  1. Severe Dengue In Pregnancy : The Right Decision At The Right Time

  2. Dengue And Antithrombotic/Warfarin

  3. Obesity And Impact On Dengue

  4. Hematological Profile : Utility In Predicting Severe Dengue

Symposium 5

  1. Dr Azureen bt Azmel

  2. Professor Edmund

  1.  Acute Management of Chikungunya

  2. Zika Infection Update on Global Health Threat

Symposium 6

  1. Dr Teoh Boon Teong

  2. Dr Azlin Muhammad Yasin

  1. Diagnostic Challenges in Acute Arbovirus Infection

  2. Malaria : Challenges in Diagnosis



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