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Courtesy visit from Tshinghua University, China
On 5th September 2019, the Tropical Infectious Diseases Research & Education Centre (TIDREC) has the honour to receive the research visit from Tsinghua University, China. The honorable delegates that we have the opportunity to meet were Professor Dr. Wang Xiqin, Executive Vice president of Tsinghua University, Professor Dr. Zhang Chuanjie, Asian Universities Alliances (AUA) secretary and Associate Dean of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Dr. Yu Xiaoxiao, Director of the Undergraduate Admission Office and Ms. Wang Yaqian, Administrator of the AUA secretariat.

It was a pleasure morning for TIDREC to have the interactive meeting with the delegates of Tshinghua University to discuss about future research collaboration and opportunity for two ways research exchange. The founding director of TIDREC, Professor Dr. Sazaly Abu Bakar has discussed potential collaboration projects and programs with Professor Dr. Wang and Professor Dr. Zhang. 

We hope to see more research collaborations between TIDREC, UM and Tsinghua University.
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